Bye, bye Emi San

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We love you! Thank you for being so kind hearted and fun. See you in the future <3 p="">
Interestingly enough, work has been rather pleasant these last few weeks. Talk about a turn of events. My current boss is down to earth, listens closely when I have a problem whether it be about work or life in general. And while I know she must get overwhelmed like everyone else, she doesn't let it rule her. Inspiration! So it's a kind of nice change actually... and I am sure there are many other nice changes to come.

Dream Life

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Michael, when will you ever let me live? When will you pull yourself together all on your own, get up, make a world you are excited to live in, to breathe in. Hello? Don't fall asleep again.. I'm reaching, I'm clapping, I'm dancing, but my eyelids are closing


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Where earth and heaven kiss, and angels lose their way 

double think 3.6.17

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I begin looking around and observing what everyone is wearing - jeans that are too long, sneaker brands I've never heard of. A brief realization begins - maybe life is okay to be lived "that way", in a way that your next paycheck doesn't need to lust after a y-3 bag.  That you can live a perfectly happy life without certain things. They bob as a song they like begins to play. As I grab the pole further in the car, I notice the lady who has a seat - and a gucci coat - wearing an expression that somehow seems so unappealing.

Midnight daylight

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There are so many things I'd like to tell you -

about how strange life turns out -

and about so many things you don't think you'll be able to handle -

that you do.

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-The world's not merely what we see-